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  • RT @gameinformer: The Latest Code Vein trailer mixes cutscenes and Dark Souls-style gameplay. https://t.co/OMk1Pj9O6d https://t.co/XlailIuW… 23/Sep/2017 19:04:32
  • @0_emerson_0 It's coming to PC! 23/Sep/2017 18:19:39
  • It's time for a "LITTLE" Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time update! Today we introduce Amanda, Constanze, and o… https://t.co/Z4H8u6DoLH 23/Sep/2017 18:02:38
  • The mysterious Android 21 makes her first in-game appearance. What are her motives and whose side is she on?… https://t.co/G7BLyJU778 23/Sep/2017 17:00:03
  • Jump into #SAO Fatal Bullet and traverse the world of Gun Gale Online as your own customized character! You are now… https://t.co/RkuTAotz3k 23/Sep/2017 15:00:09
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